It is invisible.
Hidden in a box.
Surrounded by walls.
It is slow to appear,
but when it does,
the walls come down,
brick by brick.
With every brick that is removed, the box is exposed little by little.
It slowly opens.
It takes time, but the gift is eventually revealed.
It is fragile.
Easily broken, easily destroyed.
In one split moment, it can be shattered,
glass dropped from a distance,
tossed away as a worthless piece of garbage.
But it is not.
It is of great value and importance.
It is impossible to rebuild it in the same fashion.
Over time it can be put back together.
But it has cracks.
Parts are chipped away.
it sinks back in the box
The box closes with a thud
and brick by brick the walls go back up.
The bricks now placed in a different order.
It will be harder to get in next time.
Harder to move one brick without causing an avalanche.
Harder to access the precious treasure without causing it to disintegrate all together.
The walls may be made of brick.
The box may be tough and sturdy.
But the treasure is fragile and irreplaceable.
Easily broken.