A vault is defined as a room or compartment, often made of steel, for the safekeeping of valuables.
I am often described as a vault.
I am automatically entrusted with others valuables.
With things they will not share with anyone else.
No one ever has to say “promise not to tell”.
They know it is locked away for safekeeping.
It will never be brought out again unless they say the word.
They hold the key.
I am the vault.
It is a large responsibility.
But one I take on without any hesitation.
It is not a job I have to think about.
It is just a code I was born knowing.
You do not share what is not yours to share.
Secrets are not weapons.
They are not something to use against the owner of them.
They are a piece of someone.
It is a part of them that they have allowed you to know.
A part they share and expect to be locked away.
When you are a vault, you understand this better than anyone.
You believe it is a natural role in life.
One you were born to fill.
People who don’t ever talk about things will come to me.
All I have to do is ask if anything is going on, and they will start talking.
It is a gift.
A characteristic.
One that I treasure.
This gift comes with a price though.
Because I am a vault,
I don’t share my own secrets.
I keep everything to myself.
I lock it away for safekeeping.
I do not open up easily.
People don’t get to know what is inside.
It takes a lot of time for me to build up trust.
A vault will only open up to a trusted key holder.
Only certain people know the combination.
Only certain people can gain access.
A vault holds treasures, secrets, valuables meant for safe keeping.
I am a keeper.
I am a vault.