I will admit it, I am clumsy.
Fall up the stairs clumsy.
(And of course fall down the stairs clumsy)
Trip over my own feet kind of clumsy.
It gets a little ridiculous sometimes.
I fall when by myself, and in public. 
It doesn’t really faze me anymore. 
So, now that you are aware of the clumsiness…
It’s story time!

This is not a “once upon a time” story, or a “happily ever after” story.
This is real life people.

So, the story begins with a rainy morning.
Luckily in this story it was a warm rainy morning. 
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It was April in Tennessee.  It was flip flop weather. 

I grab my folder, notebook, phone, and key, and head out the door. 
I pause for a moment to consider grabbing an umbrella, but it was only sprinkling when I looked out the window. 
I had to run across the street to the elementary school to get something signed, and then run to class. 
I could survive that without an umbrella, my papers would be fine. 
I look at the clock on my phone
As always I am running late.
But today I had to turn in this folder by a certain time.  Today, there was a deadline.
I head down the two flights of stairs to the lobby of the dorm and head out the door.
Ok, it is raining a little harder now; I will just have to run. 
I hold my folder and notebook close to my chest and book it across the street.  A large puddle is straight ahead, it mocks me.
There is no way to go around it without getting killed by a car.
I know what I have to do.
I pick up my speed a little more and leap across the puddle!
Only to land in the far edge of it.
“Damn you puddle!” I yell at it.
My folder ends up with a few soggy spots.
No big deal.  I have to keep going. 
I run up the walkway and into the school.
“Ok.” I whisper to myself.
“The floor will be wet, and you are wearing flip flops.  So just wipe your feet off on the rug really well and you will be fine. You’ve got this, Kim.”
That was a good pep talk.
I get in the door and wipe my feet on the rug.
I stand there for a moment and wipe them again, just to be safe.   
I gingerly place my right foot onto the hardwood floor, and…
The floor is suddenly not under my feet anymore!
I go flying backwards and
hit the floor.
I am laying there flat on my back in the entryway of the elementary school.
I see papers fluttering around me.
A couple of people rush over and start asking me if I am ok.
I start to laugh.  I laugh and laugh until I am crying. 
Around me, others are laughing as well. 
Students, teachers, and parents.  After all, it was the beginning of the school day.

“I am not sure if she is laughing or crying.” One person says.

I sit up and survey the scene around me again.  Some people are staring, some are laughing.
Others just stand there awkwardly because they are not sure what to do. 
My papers from my folder are everywhere.  Someone has started to pick them up. 
My right flip flop is several feet away.
Still laughing, I get up and start to gather my things.
“Don’t worry, I am fine.  This kind of thing happens to me often.” I reassure the large audience.
People smile and start to disperse.
One teacher (a friend) walks over to me.
“Nice entry, Kim.”
“Thanks! No rehearsal was necessary. Did it at least look like a good fall? Was it really funny to see?”
“Kim, it was great. It couldn’t have been better.”