I look out the window with disgust. 
It is pouring.
Torrential downpour, wind blowing, freezing day, kind of pouring. 
I have to walk to school in this?
I consider not going, but I have missed a few days already this month.
I wait a few more minutes, then look out the window again. 
No change.
I can’t wait any longer.  I am already going to be late.
I grab my blue umbrella, take a deep breath, and head out the door.

“This sucks.” I say to no one.

The rain replies by falling harder and faster.
I begin on my twenty-minute walk to high school.
Luckily, my favorite class is first. 
I get to the bottom of the street when suddenly the wind really picks up.  The rain is blowing in my face; my umbrella is doing me no good.
Suddenly, the wind takes off with my umbrella!  I am left holding the handle.

“Are you kidding me?!” I yell into the rain.

I chase after the top of my umbrella as the wind pushes it around on the ground.  Every time I get close the wind blows it away again.

“This! This right here is not my favorite game!” I yell.

I finally grab a hold of my umbrella and jam it back into the handle.
It doesn’t stay in.  So I have to hold both the handle and the metal rod.
I continue on my way. 
I get about halfway to school when out of nowhere a car swerves in towards the sidewalk and hits a puddle to splash me.

“What the fuck! You fucking asshole!” I scream.

They don’t hear me.  The car has already sped away.
I seriously consider turning around and heading home.
But I am wet anyways, what’s a little more water.
I continue on my way. 
I walk the same way to school every day.  I don’t have to pay attention, I just walk.  So it is a surprise to me when I step off the curb to cross a side street and step right into a 6 inch puddle of water.

“Really? This really had to happen?” I say to the universe. “This is not gonna be my day, huh?”

At this point I am almost to school.
About 5 minutes to go.
I walk a little more, when again, out of nowhere a car comes zooming by and swerves into a puddle! I try to jump out of the way, but it is no use.  This puddle is huge! I get pelted with water. I look down at my legs and see I have also been hit by mud.  My jeans have brown splotches from the knees down.

“Fuck you!” I yell after the car that is now almost out of sight.

I am pissed now.  So beyond pissed.  But, now I can’t turn around and go home.  School is only a minute away.    
I walk up the long walkway and go in the door.
I stand in the foyer for a minute, hoping that I will magically dry.  Instead water just drips off of me from everywhere.  It drips from my hair, eyelashes, my nose, my sweatshirt, everywhere.
I walk into the office.

“Late again, Kim.” The secretary gives me an annoyed look.
“Yup, you know, the whole rain and wind thing going on out there? Yeah, kind of slowed me down.”
“That is a poor excuse, Kim. You are late too often.”

I roll my eyes.
She hands me a tardy slip, I take it but my hands are wet.  I leave watermarks on the slip.
I go to my locker then and head to class, shoes squeaking the whole way.
I walk in the door, and my teacher looks over.

“Kimmy, you look like a drowned rat.”

I look at her, and then laugh.  I laugh and laugh because I have no clue what else to do.

She looks at me and smiles a sympathetic smile “Rough morning?”

“You have no idea.” I reply still laughing.

I walk to my desk and with every step the water is sloshing in my shoes.