I am holding a content and happy Logan in my lap.
Connor is riding his little bike around the house.  He passes by us and laughs.
Suddenly, Logan is trying to lunge out of my arms!
He tries throwing himself over the arm of the chair.

“Child, are you aware that you are unable to crawl or walk?  Never mind attempting to fly!”

His response is a squeal.
I stand him up on the floor and hold his hands.
His chubby little legs wobble but he takes a couple of steps.
He is thrilled with this and starts trying to jump.

“Oh goodness, you are crazy little one.  Crazy!”

He grins at me a big toothless smile.
He plops down on his bottom, I decide to join him. 
Connor continues to ride around the little house trying unsuccessfully to not crash into surrounding items and people. 
He flies by us nearly taking off our toes.
Logan finds this hilarious and starts bouncing and laughing.
Then a look comes over his face; a look of pure determination. 
He grabs onto my jeans as tight as he can and tries with all of his might to turn around and get on his knees. 
He turns a little, turns a little more and tries to get his legs in the right position. 
He decides this is not going to get him where he needs to be.  He plops himself back on his bottom and watches his brother ride by a couple of more times. 
The determined look returns.
He throws his hands on the floor in front of him with a loud slap.
He holds himself up with his arms and attempts to get his legs in a crawling position.
But his legs just don’t seem to be doing what he wants; he flops down on the floor on his belly.
He gives a loud heavy sigh. 

“Almost monkey, almost.”

He continues to try a few more times determined as ever; unfortunately he still does not succeed.

Have you ever noticed how fearless and determined some babies are?

They don’t yet understand boundaries or what they can and can’t handle.
They are unstoppable.
They attempt everything with a leap and a bound. 
They have complete faith that someone will help them when they need it.

When do we lose that faith?
When do we begin fearing the consequences?
Maybe that is what they mean by ‘the faith of a child’.