“Aunty! Auuuuunty!”
“Hi cutie.”

I start to tickle him and he laughs that full belly laugh I love so much.
This makes my heart happy.
He is 2 and a half and so adorable.
He is tall and thin with light blonde crazy curly hair and pale skin.
He has beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that is contagious.
Also, he is 100% boy.
He loves bugs, dirt, water, and more bugs. He loves to roughhouse and winds up with more bruises and boo boos than you can count.
I remember the day he was born.  It was a crazy day, but so exciting. 
I cried the first time I held him.
I also cried the first time he smiled at me, the first time he said ‘aunty’, and the first time he said ‘I love you’ to me. 
I am a complete sap for moments like that.

I look over at Logan, sweet baby Logan. 
He is 7 months. 
He has the biggest smile. His smile explodes with this joy that he just can’t contain. 
His laugh is this delightful squeal that makes you laugh as well. 
He has peach fuzz for hair.  Both his skin and his hair are a little darker than Connors. Only a tad.
He has these huge blue eyes that melt your heart. 
Logan is a chunk-a-monk.  He is breastfed and also devours any food in sight if he gets the chance.  Tonight he was nomming on turkey loaf by the fistfuls.
Overall, he is a happy baby. 
He loves to be tickled and hugged and smiled at.
I have been a sap with him too. 

Both of these boys desire all of your attention. 
Connor runs everywhere getting into everything while being cute in the process.
Logan can just sit there and be cute.

I love these boys so much. I have been a big part of their lives as they have been in mine. 

My favorite moments are when we are all snuggled together. 

I look down at them both curled up next to me, one on each side.  They look up at me and both smile, and yet again, my heart melts.