“What’s wrong with your eyes?”
“Why can’t you drive?”

I get asked these questions by kids all the time.  I am ok with it.  I am used to it.  They are curious and want to know. So I try to explain to them as simply as possible why my eyes are the way they are.

I was born with congenital glaucoma and congenital cataracts.
It is hereditary.
Both my mom and my aunt have the same problems.
A cataract is when the lenses over your eyes have a cloud over them.  They are foggy.  So when I was a baby I had surgeries where they gave me fake lenses.  So I don’t have the cataracts. 
But I do have glaucoma, which is a buildup of pressure behind your eyes.  So I take 4 different eye drops twice a day.
That is what I tell them.

Because of this, my vision isn’t the greatest.  It is not bad. It is just not great.  I can’t see small things at a distance.  I have to hold a book closer.  I have to be closer to signs to read them.  And, of course.  I cannot drive. 

That is the hardest thing for me, not being able to drive.  Not being able to have that independence that I so desperately desire.  I hate having to rely on people all the time.  Inevitably, people will let you down.  They will change the plans; you will miss out on things.  It bothers me.  But I have to accept it for what it is.  I am a very independent though.  I often go on rants about how much it annoys me.  But I am thankful for the sight I have! 

Also, because of this, some people treat me different.  I got made fun of a lot growing up. 

One time in third grade, a boy wearing glasses walked by me and yelled “hey four eyes!”  I looked at him and laughed “Hey stupid! I am not the one wearing glasses!”  

It was hilarious.  It still makes me laugh.  They tried having me wear glasses in 7th grade.  I hated them, they did not work, and they gave me headaches.  Everyone thought I was lying.  Assholes. 

Anyways.  I don’t know why people bothered to treat me different.  I am the same as everyone else.  But funnier.  Some days I think I am funny when no one else does, but we all have those ‘make an ass out of ourselves’ days.  I am human! Who knew!

So, this is me.  If people don’t like that, don’t think I am good enough; don’t think I am capable because of this.  Fuck them. I am so good enough and capable enough. I may have a vision problem, but I am awesome.