Some rules are meant to be broken.  At least that is how my two sisters Amanda, Traci and I felt when our parents went away for the weekend. 
              “Make sure you follow all of the rules” Mom reminded us for what seemed like the millionth time.
              “We will” we sweetly replied in unison.
We did follow the rules, for the first five minutes after they left, just until we were sure they were gone.   That is when the fun began.  Mom had way too many rules
              “Don’t jump on the couch!”  Even though it is really old.
              “Don’t run through the house!” We had plenty of room.
              “No wrestling in the living room!” No one got hurt.  Well besides needing ice and a band-aid.
              “No eating in the living room!” We weren’t that messy.
              “No sleeping in the living room!” There wasn’t much space for that anyways.
              “No staying up late!”  We didn’t stay up too late.
              “No having any friends over!” We didn’t invite that many.
And finally, the top rule that we had been taught as babies…
              “Always clean up your mess!” We did! Sort of.  We shoved things out of the way when we needed the space. 
              It was Sunday morning and Mom and Dad were coming home that afternoon.  We had one crazy fun-filled weekend, and the house was proof.  It was a disaster!  There were couch cushions on the floor and picture frames were knocked over.  The furniture in the living room was shoved against the wall in a jumble.  There were crumbs all over the living room.  We had piles of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals piled up on the couch. The kitchen had mounds of dishes and food packages. Everything was everywhere.  We were going to be grounded forever.
              We shared a look that said everything.  We knew what we had to do, and we had to do it fast.  It was NOT going to be fun.  We split up the jobs and got to work.  I carried piles of stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets upstairs and tried to put them in the right place with no wrinkles. Those are another thing mom did not like.  Then I made my way back downstairs to organize things.  Traci, the middle sister put all of the furniture back where it belonged and returned the couch cushions to couch.  Then she helped me organize.  Amanda, the oldest, got to work vacuuming the whole downstairs.  There were a LOT of crumbs. 
              When everything looked good and clean, we all headed into the kitchen.  We were never going to get the whole kitchen clean! But, we tried our best.  Amanda washed the dishes, I dried, and Traci put them away.  It seemed like a never-ending process, and then finally Amanda turned off the water.  She had washed the final dish.  We picked up food packages and put them where they needed to go.  I wiped down the table and counter, Traci emptied the trash, and Amanda vacuumed the kitchen.  Just as Amanda was putting away the vacuum cleaner, we heard the car pull into the driveway.  We took one final look around the house, making sure everything was in its place.  When Mom and Dad came into the house two minutes later, they found us relaxing in the living room watching TV.  They walked around the house and then came back to the living room. 
              “We are so proud of you! You girls did a great job keeping the house clean” Mom said.
My sisters and I looked at each other and smiled.  That weekend was the secret that my sisters and I shared.

(I wrote this last year for one of my classes.  We had to write a memoir of sorts and put it into a book, illustrate it etc… I got as far as writing it. It is rather amusing.)