“Kimmy, I know how to take care of my dog.  You do not need to tell me what to do.  She is my dog.” Jojo says very matter-of-factly.
“Well then, if she is your dog, then maybe you should take care of her more.  Maybe you should be picking up her poop when you take her for walks.”
JoJo has a disgusted look on her face “No Kimmy, that is gross!  That is mommy’s job, and your job today.”
Emmy and I share a laugh.
“Funny JoJo, you are funny.“
“Jo, I told you, make sure you keep Della out of people’s yards.”
(I pull the leash a little to get her out of the yard.)
“KIMMY! Stop hurting my dog! I know what I am doing.”
“Hey Jo? Pretty positive I am not hurting her.  I just pulled the leash a little to get her out of the yard.  It would be rude if Della went to the bathroom in someone’s yard.”
“Well I am walking her, and YOU are hurting her and you are NOT being nice to MY dog.”
“Jo, you are five.  You are small, Della is stronger.  You are more than welcome to walk her, but you need to allow someone to help you every now and then.”
“I can do it, Kimmy! By myself.”
Alright girly, then keep her out of the yards.”
We continue walking and the girls start their own conversation.
“Hey look! It’s our friends! Kimmy, can we say hi?”
“Sure, for a couple of minutes.”

We stopped and talked briefly.

“Alright girls, let’s head home. Now it is Emmy’s turn to walk Della.”
“Fine, but she only gets to walk her for a couple of minutes, and then it is my turn again.” JoJo declared.
“Excuse me? She gets to walk her for the same amount of time you did.  Della is her dog too.  You need to be fair.”
(Jojo sulks behind us.)

“C’mon Jo, keep up.”
“When is it my turn again, Emmy has been walking Della forever.” She says rather dramatically.
“Sweetie, she has been holding the leash for all of two minutes.  Chill out.”

JoJo catches up, the girls chit-chat for a few minutes as we walk. 

“Ok, when we get to that bush (I point), it will be JoJo’s turn again because Emmy has now been walking Della for a while.”

“Ok” they reply in unison.

They continued talking and we started to get past the bush.
HEY!!! It is MY turn NOW!” JoJo shrieks.

“Yes it is your turn now, Emmy can you hand the leash over to JoJo?”
“Yes, sorry, I didn’t know which bush you meant.”
“That’s ok.”
“No! it is not! It was MY turn and EMMY kept going!”
“I said I was sorry Jo, I didn’t know!”
Before Emmy can hand over the leash, JoJo grabs the leash out of Emmy’s hand.
JOJO I DIDN’T KNOOOOW! Kimmy! JoJo grabbed the leash out of my haaaand!” Emmy starts crying.
“Girls! That is ENOUGH. Both of you knock it off! If you do not stop bickering, I will be walking Della the rest of the way home. 

They continued to bicker…

That is IT! It is MY turn now.  I warned you both.  I will walk Della the rest of the way to the house since neither of you seem to be able to handle this!
Jojo stops dead in her tracks.
“KIMMY! You are SO MEAN! Don’t speak to me Kimmy!  Just don’t even speak to me!
I take the leash.
“That is fine Jo, but you still need to keep walking.”
JoJo started yelling and took off across the street.
HEY! You better have looked BOTH ways before you crossed that street!” I yell after her.
Emmy and I cross the street and head in the house. Emmy is no longer crying but pouting.
“Eventful walk huh?” Their mom asks.
I start to explain to her what happened.
“You better not be talking about me!” JoJo yells down the stairs.
“Oooh she is mad at you.”
We both quietly giggle.
“She’ll get over it soon.”