Scratch, scratch, scratch


Scratch, Scratch, Scratch


    “Really, Gabriel? You feel now, after I crawl in bed and get comfy, now is the appropriate time to beg to come in?”


    “You are so pathetic.”

I climbed out of bed and opened the door to let him in.
He walks in a little.

    “C’mon cat.”

He stands in the doorway

    “Let’s go Gabriel, in or out.”

He continues to stand there.  I cannot close the door without smacking it into him, and I wasn’t feeling that mean, yet.
    “Gabriel, it is 2:30 AM. You had me get out of bed when I just got oh so nice and comfy, just so you can stand in the doorway? No.  I am not leaving the door open for you, so get in here.”

I tap him with my foot to get him in the room.  I close the door and crawl into bed.
Gabriel is sitting on the floor staring at me.
    “What you suddenly need an invitation to jump up on my bed?  Let’s go goober.”


He jumps up and makes himself comfy.
I roll over and start to fall asleep.
Suddenly, I am attacked by the furry, four-pawed creature!

    “Gabriel! What are you doing!? It is bed time! Did you not see me lying here, unmoving, with my eyes closed! Does that mean nothing to you? Go to sleep! I am not getting up to let you out.”

He jumps down on the floor
Stupid cat
I attempt to go to sleep, again. 

Scratch, scratch, scratch
crinkle, crinkle

    “Cat, get out of my stuff.” 

Scratch, scratch, scratch
crinkle, crinkle, crinkle…

    “Seriously cat? Does sleep mean nothing to you? Also? My stuff is not in existence for your joyful destruction.”


I jump up to see books etc tossed on the floor.

    “Cat! What on earth are you doing! Why, WHY must you throw my stuff on the floor at 3 AM! This is not useful; this is not helping me sleep!  You lose Gabriel. I am now kicking you out of my room.  I am tired and cranky and will continue to be so in the morning if I do not get to sleep soon.”

I pick up the cat, trip over things he has knocked over, toss him out the door and crawl back into bed.



Scratch, scratch, scratch



“Ridiculous cat, you are ridiculous. Goodnight.”