The world passed me by again and again
Back and forth, again and again.
I pumped my legs with all of my strength.
I pushed myself to go further.
I could almost reach the top of the highest tree,
I could almost touch the sky.
My swing took me higher and higher.
I felt free.
I felt infinite.
Growing up, the swing in my backyard was my favorite place.
It was my safe place.
No one and nothing could touch me.
In those moments on my swing, I held the power, the control, the future.  
For as far back as I can remember, my swing was always my place of refuge. 
When I swung, my mind wandered.
I was always a daydreamer.
I dreamt of the future, of the things I wished I could change.
I dreamt of the possibilities that were out there.
Sometimes I sang.
Whatever song popped into my head in that moment, I sang.
Some songs I would really belt out.
I was on my swing, I could do anything.
I could be anyone
I was happiest there.
I remember in fifth grade, we had to write about our favorite place in the world. 
Some said Disney World; others said the beach or something similar.
I said, the swing in my backyard. 
I swung regardless of the weather.
My favorite time to swing though was the beginning of Spring.
Early in the morning, when the world was quiet, no one was outside yet.  The air was still cold and wet.  I would put on my jacket and go outside. I walked down the dirt driveway to the backyard, through the wet grass over to the jungle gym where my swing hung.
The birds sang their songs, squirrels bustled through the trees above. 
The sky was the bluest, the grass a magnificent green.
The sun shone through the trees.
The air smelt fresh.
I would sit on my swing and admire the world around me.  It was breathtaking. 
Everything was made new.  It was a new beginning.
I would stretch back as far as I could, and my feet would leave the ground.
I started to pump my legs.
I went higher and higher.
The cool wind on my face, throwing my hair in every direction.
I inhaled a breath of the fresh air, and swung away.
I was free.
No one and nothing could touch me.
I was safe.
I was infinite.